Namaste. Hola. My name is Kanch, Raw Vegan Chef and Founder at Masalaandolives private dining. The concept originally started in cyber space as a blog where I could easily share recipes with friends and family. This helped me understand myself better and my mission of “Connecting people over a delicious raw plant based meal” was born. 

"Food is love
Food is freedom
Food is my expression of creativity
The kitchen is my meditative space
And the table is where I share my alma (soul) with you."

Born to Indian parents I grew up in an aromatic kitchen where my mother’s spice dabba was her pot of gold and every meal she was the alchemist. I was not attracted to the kitchen or table right away, my first career was in fashion where design was what I did day and night. After a worldwind of events I decided to take the creativity to the kitchen through food. 

Why Plant Based Raw Food?
  • Because it helps me feel better and heal myself 
  • Because I can eat till I am stuffed and not have a tough time digesting afterwards
  • Because the process gives me space to create 
  • Because it is a lot of fun to mix up the traditional and the modern

Namaste. Hola. Shop Artisanal


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